Makers’ Mill is a creative space that builds community
and fosters new learning opportunities around a shared passion for making.

We sustain ourselves financially, respect our valuable
human resources, and creatively repurpose
local materials.

We foster an open community of individuals who
recognize that making is a lifelong learning process and
meet individuals wherever they are in their practice.

We challenge and support individuals to take creative
and social risks and to build a strong
creative community.

Makers' Mill Staff

Kathline Carr, Managing Director

Kathline (Kate) Carr has previously worked as a business owner (frame shop), independent artist, writer, art educator, and most recently, in MASS MoCA’s development and events office. She has printmaking, painting, drawing, artist books and fiber arts in her making background and lives with her family in North Adams. Contact her at: director@northadamsmakersmill.org

Victoria Jefferies, Studio Technician

Victoria is a working furniture and objects conservator and holds a BFA in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Lilianna Española, Intern, Bennington College

Lilianna (Lili) is a Boston-based creator with professional experience in arts administration and theater education who is currently studying visual arts, theater, and mathematics at Bennington College. Lili is excited to be interning with Makers’ Mill and to get to work with the North Adams creative community!

The Board

Blair Benjamin

Blair Benjamin runs MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists program, and when he’s not pitching new program partners and coaxing artists to plan, save and invest, he’s busy developing Greylock Market – a major new mixed-use artisanal food and craft hub that will serve North Adams with production, live-work and retail space, in partnership with MASS MoCA. He’s married with 2 kids, and is a fan of Everton F.C. and the New England Revolution.

Diane Scott

An award winning collegiate management professor for almost two decades, Diane Scott combined that experience with her background in theatre production to create the nationally recognized Artist INC program to help fine artists with the business end of their careers. Diane is now an Assistant Professor of Arts Management at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA.

Emily Celeste Watts

A Berkshires-based creator, maker, and entrepreneur, Emily brings to Makers’ Mill a background in production, curation, and collaborative, interdisciplinary arts exploration combined with a love of the North Adams community. Thanks to that, and her long-standing fascination with and practice of insurance, power tools, technology, and knitting, Makerspaces are about her favorite projects imaginable.

Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey D. Thomas is Lever’s founder and Executive Director. Lever’s mission is to support economic development in North Adams and the greater North Berkshire region. We are a not-for-profit incubator of new enterprises and are pleased to help launch Makers’ Mill, an exciting enterprise that could itself launch entrepreneurs.

Angela Wu

Angela Wu is the Assistant Director of Arts and Cultural Programming at the Davis Center at Williams College. She is passionate about social justice and developing student leaders who will give back to their communities. She's also a huge Arsenal FC fan and dreams of finding a community of fellow soccer-watchers in North Adams.

Hana Zewdie

A recent transplant from Portland, Oregon, Hana is excited to arrive in and be a part of the dynamic transformation of North Adams. Hana brings nonprofit programming, event management, and communications experience to Makers' Mill, as well as a passion for the arts cultivated since her time as loom weaving major in middle school. She currently serves as Program Coordinator at the Davis Center at Williams College.

Josh Ostraff

Josh Ostraff is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He is a multimedia artist who has exhibited his paintings, drawings, films, and art books both internationally and nationally. Much of his artwork focuses on storytelling and narrative. Josh is interested in exploring how art can fulfill not only his own creative desires, but also needs of the local community. Josh and his family are immersing themselves in the history and community of The Berkshires during their adventure here.

Suzy Helme

Suzy is a North Adams super fan who believes that this city is what you make of it and creative minds will play a large role in shaping the future of this place. She is the current Director of Community Events for the city of North Adams and mother of three amazing NA natives. Her committment to the area runs deep—she is the former owner of Shimi Boutique in downtown NA and has sustained continued involvement with the NA Chamber of Commerce, Berkshire Nursing Families, Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, and the NA Human Services Commission.
Kathline Carr

Kathline Carr


Founding Partners

Lever, Inc.
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Storey Publishing
Williams College

Founding Board

Kate Barber, Chair
Diane Scott, Treasurer
Emily Watts, Clerk

Blair Benjamin
Julia Dixon
Marybeth Mitts
Jeffrey Thomas
Betty Vera

Individual Contributors

Andrew Adler, Carole Allen, Childsy & Jamie Art, Deborah Balmuth, Kate & Patrick Barber, Andrea Barrett & Barry Goldstein, Lisa Bassi, May Beattie, William Belcher, Blair & Alison Benjamin, Judy Benjamin, Steve Benjamin, Laura Benjamin & AJ Holz, Sara Bonthius & Pat Sullivan, Eileen Bote, Ralph Brill, Deborah Burns, Jane Burns, Marissa Carlson, Jack Carr, Valerie Carrigan, Sonnet Coggins & Sam Amoroso, Ben Cohen & Katherine Lee, Robert & Shari Collins, Lori Colombo, Christine Condaris, Kimberly Convery, Lisa Cordes, Ronadh Cox, Scout Cuomo, Michelle Daly, Rita Davis, Julia Dixon, Mary Lou DeWitt, Lisa Donovan, Jay Durand, Emily Edwards, Anna Embree, Lisa Marie Evans, Randy Fippinger, Laren Friedman, Robert Gall, Rebecca Gold & Dan Cellana, Jenn Gomez, Steve Green & Sue Walker, Bruce & Judy Grinnell, Sarah Guare, Bill Guild, M J Halberstadt, Briana Halpin, Christopher Handschuh, Holly Hardman, Liz Hartung, Sarah Hearn, Rachel Heisler, Terry T. Henley, Cecilia Hirsch, Mary Holway, Alex Huang, Amy Hughes, Cory Imig, George Johns & Jonas McCaffery, Liseann Karandisecky, Anne Kennedy, Nancy Koenigsberg, Christina Kostelecky, Matthew Kotan, Sharon & Steve Kotan, David Lachman, David Lake, Benjamin & Emily Lamb, Roberta Lamb, David Lane, Mary Lawlor, Liz Lawrence, Nicole Leclair, Susan Lyles, Carleen Madigan, John Malcolm, Ben Mancino, Nicholas Mantis & Claire Ting, Alan Marden, Jeanne Marklin & Gerry Caprio, Laurie McLeod, Kate Merrigan, Kurt Meyer, Robin Meyer & Greg Roach, Marybeth & Kevin Mitts, Martha Mohr, Harry Montgomery & Audrey Clarkson, Amy & David Moresi, Leslie & Rick Morgenthal, Anna Moriarty Lev, Alethea Morrison, Melanie Mowinski, Dawn Nelson, Jeremy Ogusky, Tina Olsen, Patrick Owens, Bo & Katherin Peabody, Debi Pendell, Salvatore Perry & Karla Rothstein, Ceil Petrucelli, Marci Plum, Janette Anne Santos, Gregory Scheckler, Bill Schongar, Elizabeth Schulze, Diane Scott, Kim Seward, Dawn Shamburger, Tom Sheldon, Julia Shepley, Casey Sheppard, Ellen Solari-Brah, Sabrina Staires, Bob and Carol Stegeman, Charley Stevenson & Kate Brill, Janie & John Strahan, Diane Sullivan, Jess Sweeney, Cathy Talcott, Colleen Taylor, Jeffrey Thomas, Laurie & Peter Thomsen, Melisa Tien, Heather Tietgens, Eric Tiffany & Lee Park, Amanda Tobin, Natalie Tyler, Paul Tyler, Raul Valverde, Tia Vasiliou, Betty Vera, Christopher Volpe, Ann Watts, Emily Watts, and Marsha Weaver

Gratitude to Berkshire Direct, Connors Brothers Moving & Storage,Dan Clowes Architecture, Donovan and O’Connor, KMS Signs, and Smith Watson for their services and support during the launch of this space.

Educational programming supported in part by the Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire.


Tools and equipment kindly supplied by the following institutions & individuals: CR J Landscape Architects, Williams College, Williams College Museum of Art, John Ahlen, Kate Barber, Licia Conforti, Michelle Jensen, Suzy Konecky, Jane Herman, Tina Olsen, Elizabeth Schulze, Betty Vera, and Emily Watts.